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With pensions, there are a few things that you need to know

Put simply, your pension provides all of your your income to live on in retirement.

There are a number of types of pension schemes including group or occupational pensions, personal pensions, the state pension and SERPS - explained below:

State Pension

We Trace Missing State Pensions State Pensions are paid by the government and can provide an income in retirement. Anyone who has worked and paid enough National Insurance (NI) contributions for a set number of years should be eligible for the basic state pension.

SERPS Pension

We Trace Missing SERPs Pensions The State Earnings Related Pension was the name of the government’s additional pension scheme until April 2002. Anyone who was earning more than £75 a week and had not “contracted out” would have been building up an additional pension under SERPS.

Group Pension

We Trace Missing Group Pensions A group personal pension, or GPP is a collection of individual pension plans set up as a group. In most cases, your contributions are taken directly from your salary and paid by your employer to the pension provider.

Personal Pension

We Trace Missing Personal Pensions Personal Pensions are pensions where you can either make monthly or lump sum payments via a pension provider. They are there to build up a tax efficient pot that by the time you get to retire would pay out an income.

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  • We find any missing or historic pension pots belonging to you
  • We can review your pension and offer you performance comparisons for you to choose from
  • For qualifying pension pots we can refer you to an IFA for FREE advice
  • We can help you to consolidate all of your pensions

We do not provide financial advice. For independent financial advice, please consult with a regulated specialist.

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